While most of the city was on edge today with the high winds and fire danger, there were many good things to come out of it. Respect for our firefighters who run towards the danger that everyone else is fleeing is one of them, but on a more artistic level, the blue skies that appeared late in the day as the wind blew the smoke and clouds away, followed by the stunning pink skies on sunset (neither of which I managed to capture on camera), showed that the best colours still come from nature.

I seem to be spending a fair bit of my time setting up my blog, my shop and my facebook page, which is eating into my sewing time, but I know that once the chicks return in a few days, my computer time will be limited, but my sewing time will increase, so bear with me as I work through all these amazing new systems I am learning!

Despite all of this I did manage to finish four art wallets tonight. While I continue to trial new methods, I am happy with the way that they turned out. They are listed in my etsy shop, but I will share a couple of pictures here anyway, so that the colours can be enjoyed.


Tomorrow’s aim is to pop into Lincraft where there is 50% off all fabric (yay!!!) and stock up on some basics (which in my case involves dots, bright solids, dots, and perhaps some black and white quilting fabric I have been eyeing off……)

I hope that you all had a safe day, full of beautiful colours.

I am always interested in feedback, comments or your own musings, so please share!

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