A work in progress

I have a confession – although I love sewing and constructing, I hesitate to call myself a seamstress, because I am not good at making clothes.  However I have decided to challenge myself, and attempt to make a top for myself to wear on my trip (this time next week I will either be in Byron Bay or en route and at least in the vicinity!).  A few weeks ago I was reading a blog (and if I could remember which one it would have saved me hours of fruitless searching on the net) and the blogger was showing a photo of a tunic top that she had made – and shared that she is not normally great at making clothes.  Having identified fully with this statement I took note of the top – but forgot to pin it, favourite it etc.  To cut a long story short, on Sunday I finally remembered that it is the Tova Tunic from Wiksten, so promptly ordered the pattern.  After a few very helpful email exchanges I received the pattern yesterday (I suspect my paypal email address had filtered it out).  Last night I printed it and did the jigsaw puzzle to fit the pattern together.  And tonight I cut it out and started sewing.  I had to stop when my overlocker blew a frizter valve – but I managed to repair the overlocker, so full steam ahead tomorrow to finish it.

I am happy with it so far, so here is a dodgy nighttime shot of the work in progress!  If it all works out then I will probably make another one in a different fabric – but I thought that this bright orange could work well – and as a bonus will help me to stand out in the crowd at the music festival so my friends can find me!!


I have a bunch of other things I am keen to tackle – my girls have both asked for Kindle covers (they both emailed me from their bedroom to put in an ‘order’ – I am not sure whether to be amused or horrified), a lovely work colleague has ordered a retro styled apron, and I would like another top and skirt to take away to Bluesfest, plus a bag to carry my money, glasses, etc at Bluesfest (in a futile attempt to save my back by lightening the load – which is futile given that I will still stand/dance etc for hours at a time).  But given that there is only a week until I am on the road I have no idea what will actually be achieved!  I will keep you informed no doubt!

I am always interested in feedback, comments or your own musings, so please share!

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