A quilt for the boy

I have finished piecing the quilt top I am making for my boy.  I have realised that at some point I forgot to swap the piecing around as much as I planned, so there is one piece in the bottom right hand corner that stands out as being ‘back to front’, but given the overall scrappy nature of this one, I can live with it.  So, while I don’t love it as much as I might, now that it is all together it is growing on me!  I will outsource the quilting to a local quilter as, if I wait to do it myself, it will be ready for his grandchildren to use!


As usual I can see all the mistakes, mismatched seams, uneven widths etc….. but I am reminding myself that the overall effect is what others see, and that, as I noted yesterday, the boy will love it because it is his.  He won’t care about seams, patterns, or anything else.  He will spot the pictures from Dr Seuss, Batman, Star Wars, the aliens from his baby quilt, the bright colours, the fabric from his pyjamas, the pirate ships, and the stars, and will know that it is all about him.

1 thought on “A quilt for the boy

  1. cupandpenny

    My great-grandmother made quilts for me and my three sisters when we were babies. We all still have ours. I stored mine away because it was starting to come apart, but it’s still one of my best treasures.


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