A week of bags

The theme of this week has definitely been bags.  Followed closely by ticking things of my ‘to do’ list.

First of all I had my first purchase from a ‘stranger’ through my Etsy shop.  A person who I don’t know, and who isn’t known to one of my friends (including my on-line friends to my knowledge) bought one of my bags from my Etsy shop!  I was very excited.  It feels like I have ‘made it’!  Which is quite ridiculous when I consider that I have sold many, many items and filled many, many custom orders since I started my Etsy shop in January.  Still – celebrating achievements is important!

Then I decided that I needed some fresh bags in my Etsy shop.  So I made three bags.  All of them were from patterns I had already developed and used, but each of them was from fabric I have been wanting to use for a while.  I am particularly happy with the Raindrops and Poppy one, but like all three of them.  (Which is good as sometimes I don’t like what I have made at all!)


Next on my list was posting some links to the many bag tutorials I have collected from different sites over the last year.  With the 30 odd links I posted in my last post I think I have only managed about 1/3 of the links I have collected so far!  I have been wanting to do this for months, so feel good that I finally achieved it.  Next will be links to tutorials for adding different aspects of bags, like pockets, straps, clasps, etc.  Then maybe some more patterns!

Then finally I made a custom order bag today, and included an adjustable strap for the first time.  It was so easy that I am kicking myself for not attempting it sooner!  I am happy with the way that it turned out, and like the finish on it, so will definitely be buying more slides and making more of these straps.


The rest of the week has passed in a blur of children’s sporting activities, (played in pouring rain for the weekend matches),  managing behaviour issues with one child, and then attending the artist-in-residence’s First Eucharist (First Communion.)

It was a very special ceremony that had the children completely involved.  Our church and school provide white robes for all the children to wear, so there is no great explosion of miniature ballgowns, mock-wedding dresses and veils as there was when I was young.  Instead they all looked lovely and reverent and calm.  This group of 8 year olds read the readings and the prayers, performed a reflection dance, and participated in all aspects of the mass with complete confidence, reverence and joy.  It was so special to witness.  My little person was so calm she didn’t get at all flustered when the priest lost her gluten free host when she went up for her first communion.  After some quick muttering to me about whether I could bring her back in the morning we returned to our seat without her having received it.  She didn’t get upset at all, and stayed happy.  In the meantime the priest recovered his wits, sent for another host, blessed it, and made a special trip down the aisle to her to give it to her.  She felt special and wasn’t at all worried that everyone was watching and wondering what was going on!

In my continuing effort to learn and grow I decided that I could learn a lot from her.  In the face of disappointment she maintained her calm, and her faith that it would be sorted out without too much fuss.  Given that she has more than her fair share of anxious moments, it was impressive and something that her mother could do more of!

Now we roll into another week.  Winter has kicked in with a vengeance, so I will be crocheting beanies, berets and mittens I suspect!  I hope that you have a great week wherever you are.

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