My beautiful mother got me started on basting the quilt today. Apart from a quick trip into town to buy more safety pins half way through, discovering a patch that bubbles up no matter what we do, and my completely imprecise piecing resulting in seams not matching, it went well!! Tomorrow, in between more appointments we will try to start sewing. (At this point you need to imagine me holding my breath and crossing fingers, toes, etc!!)

Thank goodness she is completely non-judgemental and supportive, and the quilt is for the boy who will love it whether it is perfect or not, simply because I have made it for him!

6 thoughts on “Learning from an expert

  1. Martha

    Yay for moms! And mums too 🙂 My grandmother hand quilted, a classic quilting bee of women around a quilting frame, and I wish I had had a chance to learn from her.


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