Hello and thanks for visiting my site. My name is Theresa and I am the little bird making things here in Canberra, Australia.


The little bird name came about through a combination of the drawings of lovely little ‘tear drop’ birds that my now 9 year old daughter creates for me to applique onto a variety of pieces, the lovely play on words with the expressions ‘a little birdie told me’, and the fact that I am a ‘little bird’ as I am not particularly tall. I created the name as a bit of a giggle in making homemade Christmas presents for my family and friends, but it had such a lovely ring to it that it has stayed!


A little bird on a bag that is now well loved

As for the things that I make, well, the sky might be the limit for this little bird because it is a long life with a lot of time to explore new ways of making things. After a break from crafting for about 10 years (that coincides strangely with the birth of my first child) I rediscovered the joy of making things from fabric…..and yarn…..and enjoy playing with all sorts of different craft medium. I have also developed a love of creating in the kitchen. Two of my little chicks are coeliac, so I am constantly looking for new ways to make great food gluten free. I own a Thermomix, and using that has given me increased confidence to try things I would never have done before (including making jam) and enabled me to make my own flours for baking with.

The three things that I have made that are the most important to me are my three children. My oldest little chick who is wise beyond her years is a great reader, with a sharp sense of humour and a great imagination. My middle chick is my ‘artist in residence’ and also has a wonderful imagination, a wicked sense of humour and a great love of animals. My youngest chick is the boy, who is all boy, in constant motion, and who loves lego, Star Wars and anything with action. He has a few challenges in his life but provides such joy that it all balances out.

I have a full time salaried job as well as being a full time mum, but manage to squeeze enough moments in a day to fulfil my deep seated need to create, and am enjoying developing a line of products to sell that highlight the beautiful fabrics that I find, and that combine beauty with practicality. I like to think of each piece as a functional piece of art.

I am constantly amazed at the generosity of other crafters and sewists, and their willingness to share their knowledge via the internet. I hope to be able to add to that knowledge bank through this blog, and will continue to provide links to some of the knowledge that has helped me to make some of my pieces.

If you would like to contact me drop me a line at alittlebirdmademe@gmail.com


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