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A new week

My usual Sunday night summary of the week and the sewing that has happened will be quite brief this week. I was laid low with a virus (possibly an influenza virus) and am still not back at full strength. The only sewing I have done is to add new ribbons to the martial arts belts of two of the chicks, and two of their friends! I sat and watched their grading for nearly 5 hours on Saturday and, while being very proud of them, was wrecked by the end of it. (The one bonus for me was being able to add quite a few rows to the rainbow ripple afghan – a photo will need to follow soon.)

The highlights to report are the wonderful friends that I have, who stepped in to help out with getting my kids to school, making sure we had food in the cupboard, taking my kids to the school disco (!!) and generally keeping an eye on us all. I am so blessed to have such wonderful support. The kids also stepped up a bit and helped out with less whinging than normal. One of the downsides to being a single parent is that when you get sick, there is no one else to get the meals, do the laundry, etc. I thought that was the main issue until my eldest chick approached me in tears, worried that I might end up in hospital, and worried about what would happen to them. Oh my. I was able to reassure her that I wasn’t that sick, and that they would all be fine and I would be with them, but it did stop me in my tracks a little.

To reward the kids, and to get out of the house without completely wiping myself out, we went to the movies this afternoon to see “Monster University”. It was just the thing we all needed. The chicks loved it, I laughed, and we agreed that we now need to re-watch “Monsters Inc” (that we have only seen 200 – 300 times) to pick up all the references….. It was a good reminder that we should do these things more often.

After nearly a week of being unwell I am approaching this week as a new week, full of new promise and possibilities. And hopefully lots of sewing! Apart from my own ‘to do’ list (that never, ever, gets shorter) I am also committed to assisting with making costumes for a school theatrical production, so at some point will be provided with the pattern and fabric for 40 odd Greek tunics! Could be interesting!

I hope that you have a great start to this new week and that we can all report great things by the end of it!

The weekend report

Small bits of crafting in between the weekend plans saw a library bag for a friend’s daughter who has just started school, and a handbag for another friend who wanted one for a friend’s birthday.


Lined in green gingham


Lined in white and red dots – the brief was red after all!

I enjoyed  both projects and had pangs of wanting to have more time to sew……partly because I was also struck down with a virus that saw me spending several hours sleeping and then resting earlier today, which meant there was a bit of Pinterest surfing going on.  So many ideas to be gained from just looking at one site, so little time!

I can report that the trip to the Royal Canberra Show was a success.  Despite the threat of rain, it didn’t.  The children were remarkable in their good behaviour, and managed their budgets very well.  No one asked to go on the rides, and the animals were the agreed highlight.  They all had one sweet treat each and didn’t ask for anything else – and were respectful to each other and to strangers.  I was so proud of them!  We spent quite a bit of time in the “Harvest Hall” looking at the cooking competition entries, the fruit and vegetable sculpture entries, and the cake decorating entries.  A work colleague had entered the cake decorating and won for her cupcakes (the most amazing baskets of fruit and vegetables and eggs etc) and had second place for her cake (a “Hootabelle” cake).  The children were thrilled to see something made by someone they know (or who I know and therefore has some context for them).  They have all started planning their entries for next year!

We also spent time in the craft exhibition hall (of course) and enjoyed looking at the competition entries there too.  The artist in residence started planning her sewing entries for next year after seeing the children’s section.  We also had a lovely experience when looking at the model airplanes.  There were two retired men at a table, with model planes set out in front of them.  The boy asked if he could buy one and I was explaining that they were for looking at when one of the men said “You can’t buy one, but you can have one for free”.  It turns out that they were part of a deceased estate of a very keen model builder and his wife had asked that they be given to children…..so these men sat there for three days giving them to each child who expressed an interest in the models.  So touching in these days of consumerism.


Today’s sudden illness was a great reminder of the wonderful support my friends give me.  We were meant to be going to mass for the artist in residence to have her commitment mass for her first communion.  Half an hour before it started I was dressed and ready to go, but knew that I couldn’t do it.  I had a list of friends that I knew I could call to help, and the third call saw success.  She felt very special having a one on one trip to church with a friend of ours, and I got to sleep.  I have reflected all day how lucky I am that I have friends that I can call when things like this happen – life as a single parent would be so hard without that backup.

Unfortunately as I am only just beginning to perk up this evening I had to make the call earlier in the day about whether I could go to the concert tonight.  The fact that I am typing this and not grooving in the aisles to the dulcet tones of Neil and Paul will tell you the decision I made.  Luckily I was taking a friend as a birthday present – and his wife was able to step in and take him instead!  (She is not a fan so she really is taking one for the team!)  So instead I will get an early night after preparing the house for the week, and hope that I wake up tomorrow full of beans and ready to go again.

I hope that your weekend was fruitful in the ways that you needed it to be!